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Please note that group walks are likely to be cancelled or postponed during the Covid-19 outbreak. See our Active Outdoors page for ideas of places to be active outdoors while social distancing guidelines are in place.

Other group walks in Norfolk

The Ramblers

A leisurely amble or something further and faster? Whatever challenge you want to try, your local Ramblers group are here to walk with you. The Ramblers are offering a 30% discount of your first year's membership, which is available to anyone joining from the Fit Together walks programme.

Click on the 'Joining the Ramblers discount' document below for details

Go to the Norfolk ramblers website to check walks in your area - Our former Breckland Fit Together walks are now known as "Breckland Short Brisk Walks" and are now part of the Ramblers under the Mid-Norfolk group.

The University of the Third Age

U3A offer walks. Find your local group to discover what is happening in your area

Norfolk Wayfarers

Norfolk Wayfarers hold weekly walks across Norfolk. The walks are held on Sunday mornings and are usually between 6 and 10 miles in length and are led by an experienced walk leader.

Click here for more information about Norfolk Wayfarers

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