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Get #ActiveOutdoors with our new resources

Posted: Wed, 15 Jul 2020 11:19

Get #ActiveOutdoors with our new resources

Active Norfolk has launched a new online resource of footpaths, cycle trails, and green spaces in Norfolk to help people to be active safely outdoors.

Our #ActiveOutdoors campaign includes resources to help people feel confident to get outside and make the most of Norfolk's open spaces, while safely maintaining social distancing.

The page includes links to hundreds of miles of long-distance paths on the Norfolk Trails, as well as wildlife-rich local woodlands, and Norfolk's stunning coastlines - so it's easy to get away from the crowds and find a green space close to you.

There are also accessible resources for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, including details of access-tested walks across the county, including wheelchair-friendly paths and boardwalks, as well as links to organisations which support disabled people to enjoy the great outdoors.

And for those who haven't done much walking outdoors before, there are links to apps and resources to gradually build up your steps and increase your confidence to get out and about.

Being active outdoors is great for our physical health - as well as all the benefits of moving our bodies, the sunlight gives us vitamin D which boosts the immune system, while the fresh air helps us sleep better. Getting closer to nature has been proven to benefit our wellbeing too, reducing stress levels and helping us to be more mindful and enjoy living in the moment.

You can find the Active Outdoors resources and ideas at

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