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Name the new activity finder
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What is the new activity finder?

This year has highlighted the importance of keeping fit and active for better health. We are therefore investing in innovative new ways to offer Norfolk residents greater exercise opportunities which will help people of all ages and abilities get moving.

Now we are asking for your help. We'd like you to come up with a great new name for a brand-new Activity Finder system we are developing. The name should incorporate the key themes of health, movement, and positivity.

Your new Activity Finder will still bring you the best places to walk, run, dance, train and stay active in Norfolk - the only difference is that it will be bigger and better!

The name of the new system is entirely in your hands, Norfolk. We have now collected all your suggestions, and listed our favourites below. Have your say by casting your vote. The winner will be the official name of our new Activity Finder!

Just 10 minutes of physical activity a day can improve your mood and help keep you fit

Below are the final selection of names for the new Activity Finder. Vote for your favourite before 8 December!

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Name The New Activity Finder
Keep Norfolk moving. Together.