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Case Studies

See what people have to say about Active Norfolk with these case studies. If you would like to have your say, please contact us!

Team building through Workplace Challenge

Our team of workmates thoroughly enjoyed the 'It's an Adventure Knockout' Workplace Challenge activity!

The event was very well organised and co-ordinated, it was clear where we needed to be at each stage of the evening and all of the activities were explained and supervised so it was a very safe environment.

We learned a lot about each other and there were definitely some hidden talents amongst the group. Some of the activities allowed us to work individually towards the team effort and the rafting needed more communication to keep everyone balanced and dry. All in all we had a brilliant time and we've got some hilarious stories to share within the team!"

Rhiannon, from Nu Image

Anna: "A complete lifestyle change"

I was overweight, had become very inactive, and had lost all confidence in myself and my body. I couldn't face beginning any physical activity alone as I felt so anxious, and yet I really did want to improve myself. It looked as if it could be a good encouraging way to begin, without pressure and not focused on competitiveness, elitism or judgement.

I really enjoyed the 'Fun and Fit' course and found it really motivating. The course helped me so much improving my fitness. My weight loss increased and became more sustainable. More than anything however, it increased my confidence in myself and my body. It has helped to show me I can do something and I can improve and get stronger.

I got to meet other people in a really friendly environment, both in similar positions to me, and others who struggle to afford accessing sports facilities usually. I'm really thankful that Active Norfolk put these activities on because it has made a big difference.

I thought I couldn't do it and would never be good enough, but I learned I could. I genuinely feel like if I could - a 5 stone overweight couch potato with a significant history of both physical and mental illness, then anyone can!


Brian: "Physical activity is a help to my mental wellbeing"

I have been suffering with work-related stress and depression for the last 13 months. The Fun & Fit tennis course, which I recently attended, was a tremendous help for my mental wellbeing as it was completely separate to my work or personal life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hour each week. I enjoyed trying a new sport and meeting a range of people. I liked the time of day as it meant I could attend after work and I didn't just sit and watch TV. I owe a lot to you!


Marion: "Exercise rekindled a spark"

I haven't done any sport since High School, the course rekindled that spark of loving competition. I am most definitely continuing with badminton since going on the course. It's really boosted my mood and confidence and I think about exercise now as important and necessary as I've seen how much it's helped me.

The programme has definitely had a positive impact as I have now met new friends due to the course. It has given me very much the feel good factor and as I am 65 years old has given me a social life and made me very aware of my health and the need to give it the respect it deserves, a case of use it or lose it!


Eileen: "Feeling more motivated"

I was feeling very low and couldn't motivate myself. I was having difficulty coping after life changing events after my husband's serious cancer operation. I was very feeling very isolated. Fun & Fit has had a positive effect on my life as it has motivated me to go out and do something physical and meet other people. I am so much more agile and feeling happier.


Julia: "It was nothing like school!"

I've just completed the six week 'Couch to 10k' at Aylsham. I just wanted to express my thanks to yourselves, coaches and Broadland DC for putting on this course. I haven't done any organised sport or exercise for years, but this was nothing like school! The coaches were so positive and encouraging. I'm looking forward to finding something similar to do. Thank you for making me realise its not too late to try to get fit!

Will: "Joining the club increased my confidence”

Will, aged 15 joined a satellite club where he learnt parkour and gymnastics skills. He said, "It has increased my confidence, improved my co-ordination and helped me discover a new sport. I would encourage other people to start attending because it will help them with fitness and confidence, also they will make new friends and have fun."

Amanda: "If our bodies let us, we can't wait for next week!"

"It was so nice to do something in our community as it often doesn't feel like there is much community. And we were active to boot. Many thanks to you and the team for your effort to help people become more active."